ANLP’s Second Event

This assembly went from Friday, August 28th, to Sunday, August 30th, ending at 5:00 pm. You participated and we made progress delineating points of actions that we can all take for the future on the Plateau.

The participants of À nous le Plateau! decided to get involved in the following areas:

Here is the presentation on the results of each workshop:

We would like to thank all our participants, without whom this event would not have been possible!

Special thanks to the Maison d’Aurore for its welcome and ever-renewed support, to the Milton-Parc Recreational Association for welcoming us to its premises, the Students’ Society of McGill University for printing support, to Quebec Solidaire MP Ruba Ghazal and to the borough of Plateau Mont-Royal for their financial support.

Invitation to the second event

What do we want for the Plateau? What draws us to our district? What could contribute to developing our sense of belonging and community within the neighborhood? What actions would you like to help set up and maintain for the future of your living space and your environment?

Join us on August 28-29-30 for the second “A nous le Plateau” citizens’ assembly!

Last year we organized a first À nous le Plateau! citizens’ assembly for an entire day with 250 people in citizen-led horizontal break-out sessions on themes like the housing crisis, ecology, transport, vacant commercial spaces, youth, racism, and poverty. Although it was held just before two major political elections and 15 politicians attended the assembly, it was much more participatory and horizontal than a typical candidates’ meeting and the focus was on citizen-led collective discussion and problem-solving.

That day, a citizens’ movement on the Plateau was (re)born!

The 2nd ANLP assembly is meant to be a gathering for us, the citizens of the Plateau, to form collective activation zones and to start a real collaborative and innovative climate for this Plateau that we all love!

The set of systemic problems that we are currently facing is at the root of a triple crisis (economic, health, ecological). Many of us are aware of this. But what can we do in the face of the magnitude of the current situation? Are we powerless? Come and discuss it with us! 

It is becoming increasingly clear that we can collectively provide answers. (In fact, many of us have turned to organizations to volunteer our time, but they are often unable to support us due to a lack of resources).

Of course, we are not used to working together without a vertical organization to oversee us. But we can develop this ability to collaborate and self-manage, an ability, that for many of us, is deeply desirable.

Self-management requires a learning process that could benefit our immediate environment. It needs to start today. As you have undoubtedly seen around you, small local initiatives are a typical source of inspiration that leads to a host of other surrounding small initiatives. There is, indeed, much to reinvent, and it is in the sharing and better distribution of power that we see the most positive changes taking place. 

The love of our neighborhood is a fertile ground, let’s cultivate it and change our society… for the better!

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