Thematic workshops

Various thematic workshops took place during the assembly of September 28th, 2019. The themes were determined as according to the open space method in the opening plenary and were treated subsequently in sub-groups.

During the opening plenary, the themes of the day were determined with the participation of all and deposited on an “empty” agenda, at predetermined times and places. The thematic workshops were then formed and took place in 2 periods, in the morning and the afternoon. The day ended with a presentation of each workshop, as well as the testimony of the electoral candidates, who had been invited to the day to take a bath of citizen self-management.

The schedule for the day was organized as follows:

09:30 : Welcome
10:00 : Opening plenary
11:30 : Workshops on issues
12:30 : Free lunch
01:30 : Workshops on solutions
03:00 : Pause
03:15 : Presentation of solutions in plenary
04:30: Candidates testimony
05:00 : Social & Conclusion

Themes of the day Board
Themes of the day Board

Participation Principles

In order to allow everyone to be autonomous in the sub-groups, some principles of participation and communication were presented during the opening plenary. The open space method proposes 4 principles and one law:

  • The people present are the right people.
  • The workshop begins when it begins.
  • What happens is the only thing that can happen.
  • The workshop ends when it finishes.

The law of mobility is to invite everyone to change workshops or take a break if where he/she feels it is not nourishing or inspiring.

These principles allow better communication with each other and lay the groundwork for an inclusive environment.

Thinking stages

The morning was devoted to exploring the current challenges of each theme. More precisely, the participants were invited to define and list:

  • What works
  • What works less well
  • What we dream of

In the afternoon (and after a free community dinner), the participants returned in a sub-group to discuss the necessary actions. It was a question of determining and listing:

  • Resources required
  • The steps to follow

Plenary Presentation

Following the 2 periods of work in sub-groups, each of the groups was asked to create a summary of the different points that were raised and to designate one or more presenters to show the result of each of the workshops.

You can see the result of each and comment on all of these pages (as those were conducted in French, this content is in French only):