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Thematic Monthly Meetings

Come take part in our meetings!

Since January 2021, we have been holding thematic monthly meetings, open to all, with the goal of facilitating and developing citizen involvement and direct democracy in our neighborhoods.

It is our pleasure to announce here the topics of our next few thematic meetings. We will be developing themes that will form the basis for discussion at our next large citizens assembly that will take place in September 2021, before Montreal’s upcoming municipal elections.

Come take part in our meetings!

  • Wednesday February 10th – Themed Active Transport (Facebook – Google)
  • Wednesday March 10th – Themed Housing  (Facebook – Google)
  • Tuesday April 13th – Themed Elderly  (Facebook – Google)
  • Tuesday May 11th – Themed Waste management
  • Tuesday June 8th – on Direct Democracy (Facebook)

Do you wish to explore other subjects? Join us for a discussion so we can determine together the themes we want to explore.

Visit our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on information about our upcoming events or consult the calendar at the bottom of this site to add events to your calendar (contains our agenda, minutes and Zoom link).

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5pm, join our Zoom meeting.

All are welcome!