Citizens’ Assemblies

Open forums and meetings between citizens and elected representatives

(credit : Nicolas Alpha Deh)

À nous le Plateau! is a citizens’ assembly where participants determine the agenda.

On September 28th 2019, neighbors joined to create a vision for the Plateau during a new kind of event.

The first episode in this exercise in participatory democracy occurred just before the municipal and federal elections of October 2019. In addition to addressing issues pertaining to municipal and federal policy, participants in this event were invited to plan future assemblies where neighbors can tackle more issues.

Attendees brought together their opinions and thoughts on how the Plateau is changing and what that means for the future of those who live and work here. They later joined their neighbors for an non-partisan open forum. This exercise in participative democracy allowed them to identify issues, explore solutions, and communicate with municipal and federal officials and candidates.

Program of the First Citizens’ Assembly
September 28th, 2019

9h30 : Welcome
10h00 : Opening plenary
11h30 : Workshops on issues
12h30 : Free lunch
13h30 : Workshops on solutions
15h00 : Pause
15h15 : Presentation of solutions in plenary
17h00 : Social

À nous le Plateau! is looking for volunteers to help organize the event. Write to us at for more information.

This edition was organised in association with
Arrondissement Plateau Mont-Royal, La Maison d’Aurore, Action Solidarité Grand Plateau Community Development Corporation (CDC ASGP), Plateau Mont-Royal Housing Committee (Comité Logement Plateau Mont-Royal – CLPMR), Milton-Parc Citizen’s Committee (CCMP), Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) and Association québécoise des personnes aphasiques (AQPA).

Special thanks to
All the citizens who helped us in making this possible, Centre de services communautaires du Monastère, Centre de lecture et d’écriture de Montréal, Projet Changement and Dîners St-Louis.

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