3rd Citizens Assembly

A third citizens’ assembly is in the works!

With so much going on around us, we need to beat the iron while it’s hot. We need to start making noise and inform our elected representatives and candidates in the upcoming municipal elections about the issues that are truly important to us!

The next municipal election is fast approaching and we hope to provide citizens new ways to engage with candidates and existing representatives during a large citizens’ assembly.

In doing this, we are staying loyal to the open forum format by giving you, over the coming monthly meetings (every 2nd Wednesday of the month), the opportunity to fully express what is important to you in your city. You will also have the chance to participate in conceiving the next assembly. This large citizens’ assembly will have the goal of bringing subjects, that seem, in your eyes, to be the most important issues in the city, to the attention of candidates and representatives so that they will have to respond directly to these issues.

Until then, each monthly meeting will allow us to put in place a general organization for this assembly and to develop a particular monthly thematic, all in line with what has already been developed from the help of citizens’ like you in past assemblies.

Here are the themes we will be discussing in our upcoming meetings:

  • Wednesday February 10 – Active Transportation
  • Wednesday March 10 – Housing
  • Wednesday April 14 – Elderly
  • Wednesday May 12 – (TBD*)
  • Wednesday June 9 – (TBD*)

You want to explore other issues? Join our upcoming meetings so we can determine together the themes we think are worth examining.

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, join our Zoom meeting.

All are welcome!

* Don’t hesitate to suggest a subject by writing to us here.